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See Mike Bendavid and Diana Dover on the
following T.V. Shows and Movies!

Click to See Mike and Diana in the Country Geico Commerical



 October 2006 - Flicka We taught Tim McGraw and Maria Bello how to dance for the dancing scene.  We also are dancing in the background of the movie.








Lonestar Movie Mike taught the stars how to dance and also danced in the background of the movie.


Chelsea Handler Show E Television

We taught Chelsea how to line dance while she took my Silverlake Seniors Dance Class


 Flavor of Love - Flavor Flav Mike & Diana taught the girls on this show how to line dance for one of their scenes at One Generation Senior Center. Reruns are currently running on - VH1 Season 1


A Friend of Flav's is a Friend of Mine
Episode Number: 3    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Sunday January 15, 2006    Prod Code: 103


 I Love This Bar Toby Keith Music Video


 CMT Mike Teaching line Dancing at the Cowboy Palace


 7th Heaven We taught the cast how to dance for their scenes, we also selected the background dancers for the dancing scenes, reruns are currently running.


 Providence T.V. Show, Mike taught the cast how to line dance and also danced in the show as well.


Thank You Providence (2)
Episode Number: 26    Season Num: 2    First Aired: Friday November 26, 1999    Prod Code: 63307


 Baby Ruth Candy Bar; commercial Dancing with Diana to a live band.
I helped select the dancers and also chose the band for the commercial. BABY RUTH


Club Dance Dancing on Club Dance in Knoxville, TN - TNN


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